Friday, November 25, 2005

I'm So Proud of You

"I'm so proud of you" is a statement I utter many times a day to dozens of little accomplishments by either child; finishing a meal, bringing an object, overcoming an obstacle, or following directions. All day long I cheer on my children hoping to encourage them even more. I never dreamed I would be cheered for.

I picked up the drycleaning on the way to preschool to get Lainy Ann, 2 1/2. She got in the car and noticed the clothes right away.

LA: Did you get Daddy's clothes?
Me: Yes
LA: By yourself?
Me: Yes (with a small giggle)
LA: Yay! Mommy. (clapping)
LA: I'm so proud of you!

It is nice to be appreciated. Even for simple tasks as picking up the dry cleaning. If only I can get her to cheer me on all the time. Maybe I can look forward to hearing, "Yay Mommy! Thanks for disciplining me and teaching me good values." Probably not.

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