Friday, November 25, 2005

I'm So Proud of You

"I'm so proud of you" is a statement I utter many times a day to dozens of little accomplishments by either child; finishing a meal, bringing an object, overcoming an obstacle, or following directions. All day long I cheer on my children hoping to encourage them even more. I never dreamed I would be cheered for.

I picked up the drycleaning on the way to preschool to get Lainy Ann, 2 1/2. She got in the car and noticed the clothes right away.

LA: Did you get Daddy's clothes?
Me: Yes
LA: By yourself?
Me: Yes (with a small giggle)
LA: Yay! Mommy. (clapping)
LA: I'm so proud of you!

It is nice to be appreciated. Even for simple tasks as picking up the dry cleaning. If only I can get her to cheer me on all the time. Maybe I can look forward to hearing, "Yay Mommy! Thanks for disciplining me and teaching me good values." Probably not.

Sibilings' Love

Today after naptime I brought Connor out from his bedroom to the living room where his sister was sitting eating a snack. He had a dirty diaper that needed to be changed and I readied him for this process. He screamed and yelled. Squirming to get out of my arms. Quite a racket! This was unusual for him, until I realized what he was after -- his sister. They always hug after being away, either sleeping or school. It is hard to imagine so much love in such a little body.

The Perfect Gift

Christmas is coming and we start panicking about what to buy the kids, how much to spend, and when to wrap it all. There is so much to do at Christmas time - and I LOVE it all; the decorating, baking, cooking, shopping, wrapping, Christmas Cards, church, and family. But we are staying home this year and that is a little bittersweet, we should be hugely pregnant with babies due in a few weeks. But they have left us. That's probably why I am trying to get even more excited about Christmas this year.

My First Thanksgiving

There are many stories of the First Thanksgiving. The pilgrims came over on the Mayflower and made friends with the Indians. You remember your first Thanksgiving as a husband and wife or as a family with your first child. But this one was the most special. *I* made dinner.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

When did it become a "twosome"?

I was worried about having a toddler and a newborn in our house. I would have two kids in diapers. I was worried about sleep, toilet training while caring for a baby, and about my little girl who was hanging on to bits of infancy; her pacifier and bottle.

We met all of those challenges head on and succeeded. My little girl is a proud panty wearing, dry all night toddler who even goes to preschool. My baby boy has become a toddler, chasing the cat, talking, squealing, and testing the limits.

The COMPLETE story of my boys

My daughter and son are only 18 months apart and that has worked out well for us. My daughter was always independent, she started walking at 8 months and things were getting easier for me at home. We decided it was time to get pregnant again and we did. My son was born in September, 3 weeks early, it was a bit of an adjustment with a newborn in the house, but we handled it well. My son was 7 or 8 months old when we started talking about getting pregnant again. I was still nursing at the time, he wasn't walking or even crawling yet, and I was concerned the jump from 2 to 3 would be a lot harder than 1 to 2.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Wait for 3 months

I was anxious in those days following the death of our boys. First I was in a whirlwind of grief and confusion, but then it subsided enough for me to focus on my health. Once my normal functioning returned it was time to get on with the minutia of life - dishes, laundry, chores, playdates, preschool, you know, life.

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Another Chair at the Table

My little boy has been growing so much in the last couple of weeks. First it was a few unsteady steps, then he toddled around after his big sister, and now he will chase her around the house. I would almost say he runs. Recently he has started to speak and understand language. First he responded to simple commands like, "sit" and most recently has responded to things like, "do you want to take a nap?" he will nod and walk to his crib.

But the one that broke my heart was, "Are you hungry?" he nodded and walked to the table, pulled out (wrestled with) the chair, and tried to climb up. We had been spending the last 2 weeks all sitting at the table together; 2 toddlers, mommy, and Connor in his highchair pushed up to the table. Apparently he was ready to join the rest of us.

It made me so sad to see my tiny little man sitting at the table, only barely seeing his food. His legs so short that they don't even hang over the edge. He had difficulty eating that day, but I got a picture. The next meal was in the highchair, but soon he will be with us permanently.