Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Her first joke and lie

It wasn't a "knock-knock" or traditional joke. But something she found funny nonetheless. At 2 1/2 she is doing many things by herself. She dresses (sometimes many times in one day), brushes her teeth, washes her hands, puts on socks and shoes (we still do the tying), and carries her lunchbox to preschool.

Daddy was getting ready for work and putting on his shoes. Lainy Ann approached Daddy with her favorite (and my most hated) question, "Daddy, watcha doing?" I thought to myself, finally he can answer her insesently. The conversation went like this:

LA: "Daddy, watcha doing?"
D: "Putting on my shoes."
LA: "By yourself?"
D: "Yes"
LA: laughter "I so funny."

Daddy was shocked. When did this trouble maker become humouros - about the same time she became imaginitive enough to lie.

The kids were in the shower (we don't have a bathtub - two kids, one bathroom, no tub). Lainy Ann has been told MANY times not to touch the faucet. She was washing herself when Mommy checked on them and saw her little hand reach up to the faucet. The conversation follows:

M: "What ARE your doing!" anger & yelling
LA: "Rinsing." innocence
M: "No, what are you touching?"
LA: "That" indicates the loufah
M: "No you weren't." spanking and crying follows
D: "Lainy Ann, why are you crying?"
LA: "Well, I'm in trouble"
D: "What did you do?"
LA: "Well, I touched the water."

So she knew what she had done wrong and she knew she had lied. We had a long conversation that night introducing her to a new vocabulary word - lying. *sigh* I was hoping this day would be further away. Its just years until she lies about a boy in her life. Here come the gray hairs.

My monoamniotic boys - waiting in heaven

My daughter and son are only 18 months apart and that has worked out well for us. My son was 9 or 10 months old when we started talking about getting pregnant again. I was still nursing at the time, he wasn't walking or even crawling yet, and I was concerned the jump from 2 to 3 would be a lot harder than 1 to 2.