Friday, July 8, 2005

People Scattered all over the House

Being a toddler is tough - there are thoughts and feelings you can't quite express because of your immature speech, you always have to listen to grownups who tell you not to yell, when to nap, and what to eat, and some even have little brothers or sisters to contend with.

My daughter is going through all of these things. She is a strong-willed little girl who had a mind of her own from the day she decided to take three-hours of pushing and a vaccuum to come into this world. She hasn't slowed down a bit either: sitting at 3 months, cruising at 6 months, walking by 8 months. She never wanted to cuddle and was always on the go, bruising and scraping the whole way.

You can imagine how frustrating it is now watching her baby brother scream and talk baby talk and get attention. Yet when she does it she just gets reprimanded and told to act like a big girl. He gets a bottle and a pacifier whenever he wants and her pacifier is reserved for bedtime. So much is unfair for her.

It is no wonder then that after she has been put into her room or reprimanded she begins to play with her 'people'. We have several dozen Little People by Fisher Price. We also have the garage, farm, swing set, house, fire truck, and castle. She doesn't play with the structures as much, instead she finds blocks to use as tables or puts them all in her bed. She tells them to take naps - all of them - and I go into her room to see 20 people in her bed, heads on pillows and blankets pulled up to their shoulders. Then she tells me, "Ssshhhh, people sleeping". Or I will find them all lined up - going . . . . I don't know where. Or maybe all gathered around a few goldfish on the ground - eating.

It must be reassuring to her to be 'in-charge' when so much of the time she is being told to be gentle with her brother, eat your sandwhich, bring me your shoes, or no we can't go to the park. So we will continue to buy 'people' and probably the structures too. If it makes her feel better, that's really what is important - not that there are people scattered all over the house.[caption id="attachment_460" align="alignnone" width="360" caption="The Fisher-Price Little People Lainy Ann lined up through my kitchen"]The Fisher-Price Little People Lainy Ann lined up through my kitchen[/caption]

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