Thursday, June 30, 2005

Nursing Forever

I made my decision to nurse my daughter long before she was born. She came into this world screaming after 3 hours of pushing. Little did I know that was her true personality - stubborn and loud. It took a few days for us to get the hang of nursing. Finally it all came together for 4 months and then I had to go back to work. Nursing took a turn for the worse with working too much, pumping too little, and an over-zealous formula-loving caregiver. At 6 months old my daughter decided nursing was too much work and she would much rather be exploring her world.

My Best Friend

I often worry about our decision to have two children so close together, just 18 months apart. I worry that the eldest didn't get to be the 'baby' for very long. I worry about dividing my time. I worry about their ability to share or not to share toys. And I worry about the financial strain of having two in diapers and then later two in college.

My daughter has recently discovered the word "friend" and now uses it to describe everyone. "Me kitty my friend" and "My Daddy my friend".

But recently all of that worry disappeared when my daughter began to list her friends as we left "granba and papa's house". "Granba my friend, Papa my friend, Daddy my friend" and the list went on until the very last one. "Connor my best friend."

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Hold On Tight!

One evening we were rushing home to start dinner on the old bumpy and winding mountain roads when I hear Lainy Ann, my 2 year old daughter, tell her 9 month old baby brother, "Hold on tight, Connor!" I looked back in the rearview mirror to see her, in fact, holding on with delight on her face checking to make sure Connor was safe. I guess the ride was more adventurous than the usual freeway route.